Despite the pandemic continuing its global spread, at A.D. TUBI INOSSIDABILI we are continuing with our jobs. In Italy starting from mid-May lockdown has been released and we’re all working to build our new normality.

What have we done in these months? As you have seen from our previous news, production was suspended for a few weeks, during which we did not stand still.

Thanks to the co-operation of our Shanghai office we bought face masks to be distributed to our workers and colleagues plus we made a donation of face masks to Italian Red Cross.

On May 21st we offered, on a voluntary basis, to all our collaborators with family members and partners serological tests to evaluate the situation in our company and fortunately none of us turned out to have contracted the virus. In the meantime, we have worked to implement specific sanitization procedures for all work environments and protection procedures for all our workers. Our production has continued steadily and we have been able to deliver our tubes to European and non-European customers.

With an optimistic vision for future we have also commissioned a new welding line that will allow us to increase our production capacity and our dimensional range from the end of the year.

Here, despite the lockdown we have not stopped but we have continued to work for our future, for our collaborators, our families and society as a whole!